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At Southern Stoves we offer a wide range of maintenance services, to help care for your chimney.

Sweeps and services

For domestic chimneys we recommend that your chimney is swept at least once a year, this is important to keep the flue clear and ensure there is no build-up of tar within the chimney (our CCTV services can help to monitor this). We also have use of specialist equipment to enable us to sweep effectively throughout the stove.

Whilst we attend for the sweep, we are able to carry out a service to your fireplace and also check to see if any parts need replacing. We can also provide you with a spray paint can to help maintain your fireplace.


It is possible to refurbish an older stove rather than replacing it completely. Firstly we will assess your current stove by viewing photos of the stove, or attending a site survey. Our specialist engineer will then provide you with a written assessment of current stove situation and details of any refurbishment requirements. Please contact us today if you would like to refurbish your existing stove or fireplace.

Chimney work

We are able to carry out minor building work, including structural calculations and repair work. Please take a look at our minor building works section for more information or talk to our team of experts to arrange a free site survey.