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Why choose a stove?

With costs on the rise for the traditional sources of heat (gas, electric and oil), wood burning stoves are now one of the most popular and cost effective alternatives to heating your home.

Wood burning stoves should be seen as a serious heating device, either as a primary source of heat or as a secondary source, capable of considerably reducing existing fuel bills.

How can a stove save you money?

The savings and benefits are substantial. In many cases a stove will pay for itself in one or two years.

The cost of a stove will vary depending on the manufacturer, the size of the unit and its heat output (measured in kilowatts, kw).  Prices range considerably but for a good quality stove of apx 5kw you should budget £600 or more.

Functional or beautifully designed?

There are many stoves to choose from which can range from the beautifully designed to the more functional.

Nothing can beat the visual look of real flames and the smell of wood.


Stoves are extremely low maintenance. They have an ash pan at the base of the stove which allows you to remove the ash easily and mess free. Stoves will burn for long periods unattended and they are extremely safe – the flame is behind the glass!

When installing a stove a chimney liner is usually required.  A liner will reduce tar and soot deposits therefore reducing the risk of chimney fires.

We recommend a yearly sweep is undertaken. Find out more about our Chimney Sweep Service.