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Commercial Maintenance

At Southern Stoves we provide a range of maintenance services, to help care for your chimney and remain a high level of aftercare.

Sweeps and services

For commercial chimneys we recommend that the chimney is swept at least once a year, it's important to keep the flue clear and clean to ensure there is no build-up of tar within the chimney (our CCTV services can help to monitor this). We are able to access specialist equipment to enable us to sweep effectively through the stove.

We can carry out a service on your stove whilst we attend for the sweep, this includes checking for any replacement parts and providing you with a spray paint can if required.


Replacing an older stove is not always required, as in most cases these can be refurbished instead. Firstly we assess the current stove via photos or a site survey. Our specialist engineer will then provide you with a written assessment of the current situation and the requirements to refurbish your stove.

Chimney work

Please see our section on minor building works.

We can undertake minor building work on your commercial chimney, stack or fireplace. This can involve structural calculations or creating a brand new chimney. Take a look at our minor building works section for more information on the work we can carry out.