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Commercial Fuels

There are a variety of wood types that can be used on an open fire or stove. We recommend using hardwoods, such as oak and beech, as they contain more energy and burn for longer.

No matter what wood you choose as your fuel, it is important that it is dry and well-seasoned, as shown by radial cracks and bark that can be easily removed. If you were to use wet or ‘green’ wood it will provide a fire that smoulders and creates lots of tar and smoke. Tar can be corrosive and potentially damaging to the lining of the flue. Wet wood will also tend to blacken the glass on your stove. If the wood is contaminated with products such as paint or preservatives, this is likely to corrode flue linings too. These types of fuels can also produce harmful gas emissions.

We supply a range of fuel, including already dried and seasoned hard wood suitable for immediate use.